Redefining Fine Dining in Crystal Lake

Building Community Through Food

/ We believe fine dining can and should affect community in a positive way, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We are passionate about finding ways to lift people up and help them reach their potential. We embrace opportunities to support one another, and we strive to always put our customers, community and employees first. /


Farmers & Purveyors

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Below is a gathering of some of our local partners.

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Donations, Sponsorships & Advertising


We love to support our community in its various philanthropic efforts! Due to the hundreds of inquires we receive each month, we are only able to support those that are registered not-for-profit organizations located in McHenry County. If you meet those parameters and would like to be considered, please complete the form below.

If you are interested in discussing marketing opportunities, sponsorships or advertising, please contact us at

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Limit of one request per year, per organization. Please allow 30 days for review. We ask that you do not contact us - we will contact you if you are selected to receive a donation.