25th Anniversary Blow-Out now ALL AUGUST

1990 Price Rollback to Celebrate our 25th Anniversary
Let’s keep this fun party going you pay 1990 prices for these:
Original Favorites
Crab Cake Dinner - 16.00
Meat Loaf and Home Mashed - 16.00
Plank Salmon with Feta Cheese Relish -  16.00
Brook Trout w/Crab Meat  - 16.00
“Blue Moo” Sirloin Beefsteak - 17.00
Chicken Breast stuffed w/Goat Cheese and Basil Cream Sauce - 16.00

House Salad is $2.00 extra
We started this journey back on November 13, 1990. For 25 years, 1776 has recycled paper, cardboard, corks, metal and plastic.  1776 is an independent restaurant reinvesting into Crystal Lake,  buying local, sustainable and organic when possible.
We offer gluten-free foods, use only gluten free soy sauce, serve only organic brown rice, say nay to white rice, go brown.  Use only real pomegranate juice in drinks, and make homemade bitters.

Thanks for supporting us for the last 25 years, lets see how many more are to come!

- Andy